APG Workshop – Food Photography

A beautiful day welcomed just under 20 APG members that turned out for the Food Photography workshop which took place on the 3rd September in the courtyard at the São Brás Museum.

This was the first workshop organised by the APG since the pandemic measures were implemented so it was really very reassuring to see such great support and finally people coming out and enjoying themselves albeit under certain restrictions with regards to health and safety.

The workshop was lead by our own Tony Woods who demonstrated some of his methods and tips for taking photos of food in natural light. He produced some really delicious looking pancakes that he then proceeded to plate up with blackberries, blueberries and raspberries with a final touch of fresh mint to add some contrast to the image.

He explained that this was a very basic example of what he would normally do if being contracted to do a similar job where he would very likely be working in collaboration with a food stylist that would then be providing the best looking items for the task at hand. Tony would then take a lot more time to adjust the shot until he reached a final image that he would be happy with.

Everyone was seriously looking forward to sinking their teeth into the product until Tony provided the final creative touch…diesel engine oil. This final touch acts as the honey and caramel topping that is synonym with pancakes. And it worked wonders!