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Challenge – “Sunsets”

24 June 2022 @ 19:00

June’s Online Challenge brief is as follows:

Theme – Sunsets

Entries for this theme will depict images that fall under the following description.

Sunset, also known as sundown, is the daily disappearance of the Sun over the horizon due to Earth’s rotation. As viewed from everywhere on Earth (except the North and South poles), the equinox Sun sets due west at the moment of both the Spring and Autumn equinox. As viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, the sun sets to the northwest (or not at all) in the Northern hemisphere’s spring and summer, and to the southwest in the autumn and winter; these seasons are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere.

The time of sunset is defined in astronomy as the moment when the upper limb of the Sun disappears below the horizon. Near the horizon, atmospheric refraction causes sunlight rays to be distorted to such an extent that geometrically the solar disk is already about one diameter below the horizon when a sunset is observed. We will be accepting images that have 1/1 of the Sun, 3/4 of the Sun, 1/2 of the Sun, 1/4 of the Sun and also 0/0 (totally beyond the horizon. So plenty of leeway to capture some great images.


  • Photos must be your work and not previously exhibited or displayed in APG events.
  • 3-year rule applies (yes, it’s been extended)
  • Photos can be colour, black & white or any monochrome colour.
  • Photos must be at least 1800px on the longest edge and can be in Landscape or Portrait formats.
  • Maximum of Two Images per Member.
  • Entitle your image “Exhibition-name-image-title-firstname-lastname.jpg”  For example Sunsets-Orange Bliss-joe-blogs.jpg

Order of Merit

  • All Images Submitted for this Challenge will accrue (1 – One) Merit Point each.
  • The top 3 images (selected by Guest Judge) will accrue (5 – Five) Merit Points each.

Deadline for Entries

  • The deadline for entries is 17:00 on Tuesday 21st June 2022

How to Submit your Entries

  • Please send your images to the following e-mail “membership(at)algarvephotographersgroup.org
    with the Subject: Sunsets

Exhibition Go-Live

  • The Online Gallery will be published at 19:00 on Friday 24th June 2022

We look forward to seeing your entries.


24 June 2022
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