Exhibition Night – “Silhouettes, Reflections, Shadows in Monochrome”

Plenty of scope with these topics. Choose any of the three, silhouettes, reflections or shadows, or a combination as long as your image is in monochrome. Monochrome is defined by using only black, white, and grey, or using only one colour:

A close-up photo of leaves or similar would be a good example of a natural green monochromatic photo that you can capture directly in-camera.
This means that, by definition, all black and white photos are monochrome, but not all monochrome is black and white.

      •  A Silhouette is defined as a dark shape that appears against a light background or surface.
      • A Shadow is defined as an area of darkness, caused by light blocked by something or an object intercepting light from a light source.
      • A Reflection is defined as an image of something in a mirror or reflective surface.

APG Exhibition rules apply and we welcome the general public to come along and support as they vote for their favourite 3 entries, enjoy some finger food, ambient music with bar available and free admission.

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to updated COVID Measures, we are required to register ALL visitors in advance and control entries.  Therefore, and to avoid disappointment, if you are intending to come along, please please send us an e-mail so that we can take your details in advance as we do have limited space although the main event will be held outdoors.

See you there!