Veit Mueller

Veit Mueller was born in Germany. Since a schoolboy, he has always been fascinated by photography and experimented in his darkroom. He’s passed several courses in photography and design.
Owning a lighting company in Germany he configured the light-engineering for TV, Movie and Theatres so has great knowledge about manipulating light. During that period he also worked as a photographer for several PR agencies.
In the early eighties, he came to the Algarve and starting a watersports-centre at Faro Island, (his 2. hobby). He also found time to travel around the world, sailing, flying or on his Harley, bringing back thousands of slides.
Veit is a founding member of the APG and is amazed at how it has evolved over the years. He is still more than happy to participate in workshops and continue to learn and knowledge share with others.
Originally a Nikon user, he recently decided to move to the Fuji Film System (TX-20) and various lenses as he finds it more manageable.
His favourite photography subjects are Sports, Landscapes and People.