Algarve Plus – May 2024

This month’s Theme is all about Bridges

We invited Mr Jeff Hirsh to Guest Judge this month’s theme.  Jeff is an Adobe Certified Expert of Photoshop & Lightroom and runs classes on both applications as well as organising photography trips to various locations around the world. You can find out more about Jeff via his website.

Thanks very much Jeff, we very much appreciate your time and effort.

Thanks to all that have taken part and congratulations to those who were selected and can be seen in May’s edition of the Algarve Plus Magazine.

The next theme for Algarve Plus we will have to deal with is: “Helping Hands“.

Selected & Published Images

15 Into the Night by Daryl Gabin
01 Vasco da Gama by Rolf Kock
02 Top of Porto Bridge by Nigel Moore
12 Passadiço do Barranco. Alferce by Robert Bousfield
09 Ponte de Trajano (Roman, 2nd Century) by Kevin Saunders

Words of Wisdom:

01 Vasco da Gama by Rolf Kock:
This image fully embraces the bridge theme and makes the bridge the focus of the entire composition. I love how the long gentle white curve of the bridge is perfectly mirrored by the long gentle black curve of the sand on the beach. A perfect visual echo. I also like the contrast of the geometric forms of the bridge with the organic forms of the foreground.

15 Into the Night by Daryl Gabin:
Another great vanishing point perspective. This time we have a wet reflection below the bridge and the entire form is disappearing into the gentle warm to cool gradient at sunset. The colors are subtle and realistic. I think the panoramic crop used here suits the wide and receding subject very well. The sliver of moon is a nice bonus element.  

02 Top of Porto Bridge by Nigel Moore:
This image contains two of my favorite compositional elements, a single vanishing point that conveys great depth and a nearly symmetrical framing. This one really draws you all the way in to the frame until you see the silhouetted figures. I also appreciate how the wet metal deck plating picks up all the little glints of light from the many light sources along the bridge

12 Passadiço do Barranco. Alferce by Robert Bousfield:
For me, this image is all about the point of view of the photographer and a sense of being in this place. As viewers, we are standing at the top of this bridge waiting to descend. The path before us leads the eye right through the middle of the frame and then all the way up to the upper left corner where the boardwalk eventually ends. There is a LOT of story being told here and it is very much the story of a bridge. Good contrast between the darker tones of the vegetation and rocks and the bright decking and rails of the bridge.

09 Ponte de Trajano (Roman, 2nd Century) by Kevin Saunders:
Another image the makes the bridge the star of the show. The reflection is beautifully handled and I like how the two figured at the railing can be seen so clearly in that reflection. I think the framing and proportions are pleasing to the eye. The foreground elements hold you in the frame giving the viewer time to appreciate the lovely scene of the bridge and its reflection in the water.

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