About APG

The Algarve Photographers Group was formed in 2007 and currently has just under 50 members. We are a multi-national group of friendly, enthusiastic individuals who enjoy photography and socialising in the sunny Algarve.


The Algarve Photographers Group meets on alternate Thursday afternoons and also monthly on Tuesday evenings at the Museu do Traje do Algarve. Visitors are welcome! For a full schedule of meetings and other events, please visit our page of Events.
Due to the pandemic, our normal activities have suffered some alterations.

Natural History Museum by Nigel Moore


The Group was formed in May 2007 by Peter Schilde who had just launched a monthly Photography Course and Gordon Railton who was holding an exhibition of photographs at the museum at the same time. The Group held its first exhibition in December 2010 when there were only 16 members. By the end of 2021, a total of 75 exhibitions have been held.

A Delicate Arch, Tony Woods
Bilbão by Ruth Vera


Members range from active & ex-pros through keen hobbyists to casual snappers, and there’s a difference of about 60 years between the oldest members and the youngest. Most European countries are represented including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Britain, Ireland and of course Portugal. The more experienced members are always willing to share their expertise with others.

Membership currently costs just 30 euros a year. For that, you get the opportunity to display your images in public at the Museum, enter competitions and challenges and attend workshops and field trips. Field trips usually last half a day, sometimes longer, and once a year a longer expedition is planned involving nights away from home. A Christmas get-together and a summer picnic are also part of the agenda each year.

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Steering Group (2022)

President: Daryl Gabin
Treasurer: Jan Tromp
Secretary: Tracey Smith
Workshop Coordinator: Paulo Viegas
Support Role: António Pires
Support Role: Ron Dee