APG Field Trip – Terracota Factory

The APG was invited to congregate a few members for a photo tour of the local Terracota Factory in Mealhas close São Bras – Terracota do Algarve

Thirteen of our members were eager to take part in this photographic challenge which would result in images being selected to be displayed in digital and printed media in collaboration with the venue.

The afternoon was organised by the Museum Director Emanuel Sancho and thirteen of our members put in an appearance all with their cameras in hand.

  • Daryl Gabin
  • Neil Adamson
  • Nigel Moore
  • Fred Bos
  • Robert Spencer
  • Alfred Hall
  • Tony Woods
  • Roger Shrimpton
  • Jan Blandford
  • Marijke McBean
  • Ken Kempson
  • Christine Chaffey
  • David Durant

The above-forenamed members produced the following images to tell the story of that afternoon…(Coming Soon)