Edit This RAW – Nº1 “The Lion”

Edit This Raw is an excercise that is new for 2024 and came about after a survey was conducted with our membership. Numerous folks had post producttion and image editing as an important area that they would like to dive into deeper or to enhance their skills.

Enter – EDIT THIS RAW. After each print exhibtion, the photographer with the most votes will proide the group with a single RAW image that they have taken. All members then get the opportunity to edit the provided image to their liking. There are no limits to what they can do with it.
When images have been submitted we then meet and everyone gets to explains how and why they went about editing their image in the way they did.
This way everyone gets to learn a little more about editing and what can be done, be it with Photoshop, Lightroom or other such software packages.

The first image “The Lion” was submitted by Robert Pool. Having won the Black and White exhibition, Sharon Johnson will have the task of providing our next RAW image.

RAW Image to Edit

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