Algarve Plus – April 2024

This month’s Theme is all about Pets.

We invited Ingrid Borecki to Guest Judge this month’s theme.  Ingrid is the Vice-President of the St Louis Camera Club, USA, and a talented photographer that is interested in nature (landscapes, botanicals, and wildlife), architecture and forms, and travel and culture, always trying to make images with story content.  You can see her work here (

Thanks very much Ingrid.

Thanks to all that few that have taken part and congratulations to those who were selected and can be seen in April’s edition of the Algarve Plus Magazine.

The next theme for Algarve Plus we will have to deal with is: “Bridges”.

Selected & Published Images

13 Food! by Fred Bos
6 Hells Angels Wannabe by Nigel Moore
16 Lazy Afternoon by Ina Tanzer
5 Snippy by Robert Pool
02 Naughty Boys by Daryl Gabin
03 Kittens by Tony Woods

Words of Wisdom:

13 Food by Fred Boss:
The crazed look of the cat in the middle makes this image exciting.  There is emotion and energy in his look, in contrast to the looks of the two flanking cats, who look much more relaxed, even bored.  The maker caught the moment well here!

6 Hells Angels Wannabe by Nigel Moore:
I love this image of this dog, dressed up in sunglasses and a hat, perched on the motorcycle.  It’s a fun story.  The image might benefit from a closer crop, which would still tell the dog’s story and diminish the importance of the man, and move the crop away from the cut in his neck.  

16 Lazy Afternoon by Ina Tanzer:
This is a well-composed shot.  I like how the girl and the dog feel comfortable and familiar with each other, just hanging out together.  The rails on either side provide additional framing of the subjects, and the color story is quite appealing.

5 Snippy by Robert Pool:
Snippy has gorgeous golden eyes.  I love the detail you can see in his eyes.  I think it works particularly well that the cat is black (or just dark), so that the forms of his face, nose, and whiskers gives just enough context and composition without being distracting from those eyes.  Nice capture!

03 Kittens by Tony Woods:
Sweet little kittens.  They look like they might be quite new!  The hand holding them gives a sense of scale and how tiny they are!!

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