Wildlife – May 2024

A challenging subject where we think many members seemed to associate Wildlife as being on Safari with exotic animals and as such, missed out on an opportunity to submit images like your common magpie or rat on the fence that would have been more than sufficient to provide an entry.
Nevertheless, 35 images submitted is a decent return for again, a challenging topic.

Please spread the word for the next Exhibition on the 26th of July with the theme being: Seafaring & Watersports (Exhibition)

As is traditional for print exhibitions, the public votes were counted from 36 slips that produced the following results:

  • 1st Place:
    “06 Gentoo Penguins, Falkands” by Heidi Beck – (17 Votes)
  • 2nd Place:
    “02 Jaws” by Robert Pool – (12 Votes)
  • 3rd Place:
    “24 Rockhopper Penguins” Heidi by Beck – (8 Votes)

Director Picks:
Image 1: Pool Frog by Neil Adamson
Image 3: Beware of the Dog by Robert Bousfield
Image 7: Spoonbills by Fred Bos
Image 15: Family Trip by Ernst Neidhardt
Image 19: Hoopoe by Neil Adamson
Image 23: Tussock by Christina Chaffey

Staff Picks:
Image 2: Jaws by Robert Pool
Image 3: Beware of the Dog by Robert Bousfield
Image 14: Go on! Your Turn by Daryl Gabin
Image 26: I Have My Eye On You by Nigel Moore
Image 31: Grey Squirrel in Graveyard by Sharon Johnson
Image 34: Hey! Looking at me by Glyn Parry

Congratulations to Everyone!!

06 Gentoo Penguins, Falkands by Heidi Beck
02 Jaws by Robert Pool
24 Rockhopper Penguins Heidi by Beck

Other Entries

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