António Pires (SG)

António was introduced to photography at the age of 14, by his father. They spent endless hours discovering techniques, the darkroom and revelation that turned his fingers yellow only to have his mother complain about the mess.

In the 1970s his studies, call up to the army and later marriage deviated him from photography although he did continue to click occasionally. Once his life had stabilised, he got heavily into Art and found himself drawn between film and early steps of digital. It wasn’t until 2004 when he finally opted for the digital format.

António is very much a landscape photographer, and he will wander through fields and across deserted beaches looking for great angles and expressive shades. He’ll take his gear and a lunch pack at the crack of dawn until well after sunset and be oblivious to anything other than photography (including numerous missed calls!).

He says that “Everything is possible in photography, you need to find it”; the remote and unexpected landscape that thrills the foundations of one’s soul. Encountering places that no one may ever have been and possibly where the devil lost his boots, is invigorating as much as it is exciting.
But seeking these locations can also imply setbacks to equipment and sometimes personal harm too and Antonio can tell a few stories. Still, the taste for emotion and adventure is very much a fatal virus that unfortunately has already infected António’s DNA.

António shoots with both Canon and Nikon, and we hope you enjoy his photos.