APG Field Trip – Monochrome

Although the weather decided to play a few tricks of its own, it did not deter fourteen of our members meeting up for the first APG Field Trip since lockdown measures were raised.
The gathering was aimed at exploring Olhão in search of material for this months Print Exhibition which is themed “Silhouettes, Reflections and Shadows in Monochrome.

The field trip was organised by Carole and everyone was punctual which meant that we could all take full advantage of the allocated 3 hours for the walkabout. The weather wasn’t exactly ideal for what we were looking to achieve as there was a very hazy overcast cloud that basically acted as a massive diffuser, so not many shadows about!

Nevertheless, everyone simply got on with the job at hand and, as we all mingled our way around the promenade and market area adjacent to the marina, there were a number of decent opportunities to be taken advantage of. Some of us were even asked to take photos of people who wanted their photo taken. Who could say no?
Olhão is laden with wonderful places, buildings, sights and people to take pictures of and most of us were able to get something of use. However, the truth will only be known and exposed once the exhibition goes live at the Museum Gallery in São Brás later this month (*).

Before we set out we had agreed on a finishing meeting point and time in case some of us wanted to go their own way. We all met up at a waterfront bar around 18:45 and had some great discussions as to the different type of shots that were obtained (as well as what each of us were going to have to drink!)
One of the main discussion points was how everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the outing, how much they had missed these get together’s and the being in each others company. There was a great vibe throughout and even eight of us stayed on after the trip for a bite to eat at one of the typical local restaurants where we tucked into some delicious food.

(*) please see our events list regarding the next exhibition as there may be alterations.