Ina Tänzer

Ina had a bit of experience with photography and darkroom development during her youth in Berlin (West). But then she did nothing more with photography for many years.

35 years ago she moved to Portugal with her partner (now husband) and founded a company (Novambiente) in S.B. de Messines. 9 years ago she bought a Sony DSLR camera and took a photography course in Silves where she learned the basics of photography.

Interested in many types of photography, but especially in people and so called “creative edited” photos, she also enjoys sometimes using Lensbaby lenses (Muse + Velvet).  Her photos are mainly taken in RAW and are mostly converted to black and white.

She currently has a Sony A7IV and various lenses. Lightroom and Photoshop are her editing programs and she uses the Nick Collection and Topaz plug-ins.
Ina shares some of her work via: