Peter Kain (H)

Peter trained as a photographer in the Royal Air Force. On leaving the RAF he worked in commercial studios and darkrooms in Central London.  Joining international lensman Patrick, 5th Earl of Lichfield in 1971, with whom he began a career for nearly 30 years as senior technical photographic assistant and studio manager, based in West London.

During this time he took a two-year sabbatical, photographing images for a book to accompany the BBC tv series, ‘The Making of Mankind,’ presented by anthropologist Richard Leakey. Kain was then employed afterwards by Leakey to set up a Photographic Department at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi for a year training local staff.

Lichfield’s commitment to digital photography in the late 90’s gave Kain an insight into the future of the ‘pixel picture’ out of the aged ‘wet process’.

Twenty years ago he moved to the Loulé hills and with his wife Carolyn a journalist, working together producing features for local publications and HELLO! magazine in the UK.

Peter contributes to the APG with his time and experience by offering to critique our print exhibitions. He provides valuable feedback and credit where due as well as insight on other areas where members can work on their skillset. He is also an Honourary Member since 2023.