Sunsets – June 2022

This month’s challenge has the theme of Sunsets. In the same way, we had a guest judge select their favourite three images for previous Challenges in February and April, we have also arranged to continue the trend.
The guest judge for this month’s challenge was Luis Miguel Pires da Fonte (Miguel) to those that have had the pleasure of meeting him at his shop África Molduras. When you visit Africa Molduras you can count on a wide variety of products such as picture frames, tailored to your needs; oil and canvas paintings; made to measure mirrors as well as a wide range of art products such as oil paint, paint brushes etc.

Africa Molduras continues to be a small but capable family-run business located in Montenegro on the outskirts of Faro. However, because of the team’s empathy and experience in this area, they continue to maintain and acquire new customers and projects every day.
Miguel believes that what distinguishes África Molduras from other businesses in this area is that they strive for innovation and new and challenging projects and then implement and practice new ideas, considering the clients’ taste and their suggestions and needs.

They thrive on difficult and nearly impossible projects, so if you are in need of picture frames, try them and put their creativity to the test!

A Massive thanks to Miguel for taking some time on his weekend to pick out his top three images! Congratulations to all of the members who sent in some knockout images, especially those who were selected. Well Done!

Our next Exhibition (Print) will be in July and will have a “Free Choice” Theme (Recently changed from “My Home”)

Selected Images

22 Early Spring in Loulé by Jan Tromp
4 Oh So Still by Daryl Gabin
26 Reflection at Sunset by Tony Woods

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