Tony Woods

Tony Woods is a retired, professional, photographer now living in the Algarve, with his wife Chris. He was born in the UK and, prior to moving to Portugal, ran a photographic studio for a number of years close to London with his wife. During that time Tony was awarded membership to both the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Over the years my photography has taken Tony to many places and he’s been fortunate to photograph endangered wildlife in Africa, Borneo, Nepal and Spain together with indigenous people of the areas.

Tony’s new fascination is high-speed flash photography and, in particular, when used to capture liquid drops. He finds it a very addictive aspect of photography and one that requires an enormous amount of time and patience.

Tony sits on the APG Steering Group and is always ready to share his extensible knowledge with the group.

email: tony_woods(at) or website: