I Ate This – Feb 2022

This theme presented a few questions to the membership as to what exactly was to be photographed. Nevertheless, after some clarification, our members got the right idea and you can see where they went from the results.
This year, all APG Challenges (that is, online exhibitions) will now be sponsored and each sponsor will allocate a guest judge who will select their favourite three images from those being displayed.
Our first challenge of 2022 is sponsored by Wild Chicken restaurant. Wild Chicken, (previously Casa dos Pinheiros) is a family orientated Grill style restaurant and if you haven’t been yet, it’s well worth a visit!! Wild Chicken is located here.
Wild Chicken is run by Alvaro Rodrigues who is quite at home with food himself and as such, nominated himself as the guest judge.

We’d like to thank Wild Chicken and Alvaro for their collaboration and also to all our members who have once again done a great job in getting their images in. Our next challenge will be in April and will be themed “Bridges”.

So our guest judge analysed and made his selection and selected the following images, (in no specific order). Congratulations to them!

Selected Images

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