July 30th marks another return of another APG print Exhibition with the theme of “Tattoos”. Not an easy theme, but we had 24 images entered. Again, the variety and quality have been maintained which is great to see.

There was again a wonderful turnout for the Opening Night showing support for the APG as we slowly but surely look to get back to some sort of normality. Superb weather, excellent food and refreshments also contributed to a relaxing few hours of chatting and discussion.

Naturally a big thanks to all our members who went out of their comfort zone to submit images. Well Done! We know it was a theme that did not suit everyone, but if you are always photographing the same subjects or scenes, you never evolve! An even bigger thanks to the Folks at the Museum who are always on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly, not just on opening nights, but ALL the time!

Throughout the evening, a total of 42 voting slips were collected and counted with the following images/photographers being distinguished:

1st Place (14 Votes): Gordon Railton “Skull-Face”

2nd Place (12 Votes): Daryl Gabin “Red Rose”

Tied 3rd Place (10 Votes each): – Jan Tromp “I Love the Buddha” | Tracey Smith “Life”

Algarve Plus Magazine nominates a guest judge who will select their favourite FOUR images which will then go on to be printed in the September 2021 edition of the magazine. This month Lars Hinsenhofen will have this task. Lars was also the guest judge for the Open Doors Exhibition in April, and we thank him for his contribution.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the Algarve Plus September edition to see which of these wonderful images were selected.

Our topic for next month is “Portraits of Humans” (more info coming soon) and will be an online challenge.

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